Customer Support Car insurance FAQs

I was driving less during lockdown but now I'm driving more again. Do I need to tell you? Yes. If you told us you were driving less because of the pandemic, but that has changed, please update us with a more accurate mileage estimate by calling 0345 607 0417.
I haven’t been using my car as a result of the pandemic, but I now need to drive again. What do I do?If you declared your car off the road (SORN) during the pandemic and suspended your insurance cover, but now need to drive it again, you must do two things: Inform us to restart your cover and notify DVLA. Please call 0345 607 0417 so we can discuss next steps and your payment options.
I have started using my car to help others in the local community with drop offs and deliveries. Am I covered?If you’re using your car for volunteer work to support people in your community impacted by Covid-19 (e.g. to transport medicines or groceries), your cover will not be affected and you don’t need to tell us or make changes to your policy. We’ve been part of a long-standing volunteer driving agreement covering this type of voluntary work.
I’ve been made unemployed by my employer. Do I need to inform you and is there a change in my premium for this?We aim to support all our customers during any difficult period. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have lost your job, you need to let us know by calling 0345 607 0417. That way we can update the details on your policy and discuss any changes with you.