Cookies Policy

First Alternative takes your privacy seriously and will take great care to ensure your information is managed securely and lawfully.

When personal information is collected through the website we will be transparent about how we will use it and why it needs to be collected.

When you visit First Alternative’s website cookies are used to collect anonymous information so that your experience with the website can be improved in the future.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files saved to your website browser that help us identify who you are. First Alternative use cookies for several reasons.  Essential cookies are required to drive the purchase process. Non-essential cookies are used to optimise the look and feel of the site, providing feedback on site usage.

What types of cookies do we use?

We use session, persistent and third-party cookies on our websites. Session cookies exist for the duration of a visit and are erased when you close the web browser. Persistent cookies are stored until they expire, which can range from several minutes to many years. Third-party cookies are provided by our trusted partners and are either session or persistent.

The cookies we use are explained below

  1. Adobe Analytics
    We use Adobe Analytics cookies to monitor traffic and behaviour on our website. We use this data to discover high-value audiences and power our customer intelligence. All data is anonymised.
    About Adobe Analytics Cookies
  2. Google Analytics
    We use Google Analytics cookies to give us insights into our website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It helps us optimise and target our activities more effectively. Again, all your data is anonymised.
    About Google Analytics Cookies
  3. Digital Window
    Digital Window is the parent company for Affiliate Window, one of the UK's leading affiliate marketing network. When we agree an Affiliate deal with another site, we need to be able to tell when that site has sent us a user who purchased from us as we will then provide that site with a reward. The cookies used by Digital Window (Affiliate Window) simply tell us whether or not you have come from one our affiliate partner sites, whether you then went on to buy from us and a few other details about the visit or sale i.e. when exactly the user clicked through to us from an affiliate, which product they bought, which ad they clicked etc. As always, no sensitive user information is collected or stored and everything is anonymised.
    About Digital Window Cookies
  4. Optimizely
    We use Optimizely to run tests on our site that show different versions of pages to certain users. The cookies used by Optimizely simply enable this process to happen. No personal information or data is stored in these cookies. We then use the results of these tests to improve our users’ on-site experience and our general site performance.
    About Optimizely Cookies
  5. Double Click
    We use Google’s DoubleClick products to manage and optimise our paid online advertising. The cookies used by DoubleClick essentially just tell us whether or not you’ve either seen or clicked on one of our ads. If you’ve already clicked on one of our Ads for example, we might not want you to see any others for while. So this simple cookie data just allows us to improve our ad performance and make our ad targeting more accurate. No personal information is stored and all behavioural data is anonymised.
    About Double Click Cookies
  6. Hotjar
    We use Hotjar to provide us with more in-depth data on the behaviour of users on our site. In other analytics tools, we can just see the number of people doing certain things. Hotjar allows us to answer questions about why users are doing these things. E.g. we can see the page elements over which our users hover most often, we can see the exact form fields people have trouble completing and we can actually re-play the entire visit of certain users. This helps us to find and fix all the little bugs and problem areas of our site. Any sensitive user information is not visible to us and personal data is not stored.
    About Hotjar Cookies
  7. Ensighten
    Ensighten's tag management platform provides us with the ability to effectively deploy and manage third party applications for analytics, advertising and a range of other purposes. Essentially, Ensighten is just a “container” into which we place various snippets of code, a few of which are used to serve some of the cookies mentioned above. Ensighten itself does not collect or store any personal information.
    About Ensighten